About us
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The aim of the company is to provide training that is affordable to customers. Flexible – offering a range of training options to suit your business needs, budget and individual learning styles. Reliable – too many companies over promise, under delivery; cancel at short notice and have trainers create death by PowerPoint – We build up a customer base who return and would also be happy to recommend us to others.

Helping you piece together your training.

Our experience is based on the director of the company having 11 years’ experience in the health and social care industry.

Jenna Lloyd


  • Dual Qualified Nurse
  • Enthusiastic about training and maximising people potential in the future
  • Passionate about improving standards
What our Manager says

“I am a dual qualified nurse (Registered General Nurse and Registered Mental health Nurse). Training and passing on my knowledge has always been part of the job which I have enjoyed. I have always gone the extra mile to support others in their learning and helping to find methods of learning to suit. This is why at The Care Training Company we offer a wide range of training methods for all; which is easily accessed to continue their professional development.”

A variety of methods of learning to help meet different learning styles

Face to Face – Traditional training it is key in our care and clinical workshops. We offer a supportive environment to make learners comfortable in asking questions. All of our trainers have experience both teaching and work based, hands on experience which is relevant to the subject they are training. Face to Face training suits people for a variety of reasons – some people learn better by asking questions, group discussions, activities and being able to use the equipment (if relevant to the course). We are able to offer a cost effective way of training through open courses if you are only needing to send small groups of staff or individuals. Onsite training at your workplace or chosen venue can be a more convenient way of supporting your staff in the CPD requirements – this can help with rotas and being able to plan ahead as well as having less travel times and costs for your staff.

eLearning elearning can be done anywhere and at anytime that staff have access to computer system. This type of learning can suit already busy staff to work it in around their commitments. It can be convenient and allows learners to take responsibility and set their own pace once an agreed completion date has been discussed with their manager.

Distance Learning distance learning packs are great for learners who like to make notes and learn better from seeing things in their own handwriting and doing their own background reading. These packs are ideal for reflective learners who prefer to have a hard copy of the information. Once again this offers lots of flexibility for the learner.

Blended Learningthis approach is a mixture of distance learning either through elearning or distance packs and then the practical session takes part at a venue of your choice for your staff. All learners must complete and have passed the theory before the practical can take place. This reduces staff time out of work. Course examples are first aid and moving and handling.

Trainer Packs trainer packs are aimed at experienced trainers who are competent in the subject pack they wish to purchase. Life is so fast paced that this option offers a convenient and time efficient way of having training materials instantly available to you.

Quality Assured

Our aim is to delivery informative and up to date workshops and products that help staff to meet compliance requirements. Hopefully the knock on effect will then be for managers to spend more time managing than chasing around training companies. We have work based experience of some of the pressures faced by management and can help you to bespoke our training sessions specifically your needs or branding if you prefer consistency within your company.

We have successfully delivered and continue to delivery training all across the UK. We can be flexible with our start times and can delivery training on weekends (subject to availability) to suit the needs of your business.